Start WiFi Clocking With TimeTec TA App

Monday, May 21, 2018 FingerTec 0 Comments

Within TimeTec TA, users previously had 3 different ways to personally clock their attendance from a smartphone. Following our latest release we are notching that up to 4, by offering one more clocking method to users, known as Wifi Clocking. With this added feature, employees will now be able to clock-in via smartphone as long as they are connected to a pre-enrolled Wifi Checkpoint, for which they have also been assigned as user.

Thus, the latest range of personal clocking options in the mobile app will now include:
   -  GPS Geolocation
   -  Beacon
   -  NFC
   -  Wifi Checkpoint (NEW)

Before employees can use Wifi Clocking, the Admins first need to make some configurations through the mobile app, which we are covering below.

Meanwhile, for the employees, please refer here for additional guidance on mobile clocking.

Admin Setup
To use this clocking option, Admin must first add the necessary Wifi Access Points to the system as clocking Checkpoints and then assign users to the relevant Checkpoints. 

1. Login to Mobile app > navigate to Settings > Wifi. 

2. Select the “+” icon at upper-right corner or “Add Now” to add a new Checkpoint.

3. The system will auto-detect the Wifi Access Point of the current network your device is connected to. (You can also choose to rename or choose to untick “Assign this Wifi to checkpoint” to solely create a new Checkpoint without assigning the Wifi Access Point.)

Press “Submit” to add this Access Point as a new Checkpoint.

4. Once added, select that Checkpoint to assign your users. There are 2 tabs, Add User & User Assigned. In the Add User screen, choose the user for that Checkpoint and then press tick to submit (upper-right corner). Later on, should you wish to, you can un-assign users at the 2nd tab, User Assigned. 

Note: You can assign each user to more than one Checkpoint. That is advisable if your staff is not based in a fixed office and if they are always moving around the premises.

5. The Setup is now complete and you can view details of that Checkpoint. There are also options to disable the Checkpoint using a toggle button and to reset the access point.

6. Now, users are allowed to use Wifi Clocking. You may ask them to refer here for guidance on using Wifi Clocking.

7. Additionally, Wifi Clocking method will be shown throughout TimeTec TA, for example:

i. WiFi clocking method in Admin Dashboard

ii. Data Audit List

iii. Mobile Location Tracking Report – Wifi Clock-In


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