Change Port Number for TCMS V2 Viewer

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 FingerTec 4 Comments


FingerTec® TCMS V2 Viewer is a web based interface for TCMS V2 administrators and users to view his/her attendance sheet on a web browser on multi-platform from anywhere. The viewer implements the basic features that are available in TCMS V2 by using the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0.


User does not need to install any other software at the computer before using the TCMS V2 Viewer. Some of the features available are querying for a user attendance sheet data, printout of attendance sheet report from any computer through a web browser.

By default TCMS V2 Viewer is using port number 80 for a web based system. If there are other systems that uses the same port number, it might interrupt TCMS V2 Viewer application. However, you can change the port number by referring to the below steps.


1.    By default TCMS V2 Viewer is using port number 80.

2.   To change the port number, go to the control panel > Administrative Tools > Internet
     Information Services (IIS) Manager > Default Web Site > Bindings > Choose http > Edit
3Change the port number > Okay > Restart.
4After the changes are done, you can access TCMS V2 Viewer using a new port number.


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  4. can anyone help me, how to activate TCMS v2 viewer on my existing setup with 8 devices of FACEID 2


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