FingerTec Ingress blocked by Antivirus software

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 FingerTec 6 Comments

Some antivirus software such as Kaspersky, Symantec and a few other brands are known to have issues with Ingress, as they detect some of the .dll and .exe file of Ingress as a threat in the form of malware/Trojan. This happens because Ingress has not been added to the “White-List” of these antivirus’ software but to curtail such interruption Ingress is now slowly being added to the list and the process is still on-going.


By following these procedures, users will be able to run Ingress without any issues, and preserve the software from any corruption, even though they are using an antivirus that has not added Ingress into their White-List.


1)     Temporarily disable your PC’s antivirus software

2)     Download and install Ingress software accordingly

3)     Restart the PC once

4)     Upon the PC start up, DO NOT run Ingress yet

5)     Go to your antivirus software, and add Fingertec Worldwide folder (Local Disk C > Program Files (x86) > Fingertec Worldwide) into the “Exclusion” / “Exception” list

(Note: Kindly check with your antivirus support/ knowledge-base on how to add a folder into the “Exception” / “Exclusion” list)

6)     Launch Ingress Normally


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