Creating an Open Schedule for Shift Roster

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 FingerTec 3 Comments

In an organization that has several working shift schedules without any fixed pattern the management may conveniently adopt this Open Schedule Roster to adjust accordingly to their requirement.
This roster is a solution to tackle their difficulties in assigning the correct shift schedule for each user. In this Open Schedule Roster, the system will automatically assign the respective shift schedule for each worker based on the 1st clock-in of the day.
The management team of a company may skip the hassle of thinking or managing fluctuating odd shifts. Once the Open Schedule Roaster has been set up, the system will automatically allocate appropriate shift schedule based on the users’ verification time at the terminal.

1.   Create a daily schedule for the morning shift. Fill in the IN and OUT column, for
      example: IN-07:00   OUT-15:00.
2.   Create a daily schedule for the evening shift. Fill in the IN and OUT column, for
       example: IN-15:00 OUT-23:00.
3.   Create a daily schedule for the night shift. Fill in the IN and OUT column, for
      example: IN-23:00   OUT-07:00.
4.   Create a weekly group duty roster for the open schedule roster. Go to Open Schedule
      Shift Roster > Edit > Auto Schedule > Assign the clocking schedules 1, 2 and 3 and
      the Day Type column.
5.   Once done, click OK and Save. It will not show any clocking schedules in this particular
      roster. This is due to the system that automatically allocates the appropriate shift
      for each user based on the verification time in the attendance sheet.
Note: The schedules timing must not overlap each other. For example, if you have shifts from 10am – 5pm and 3pm to 10am, the open schedule function will not work.


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