Connecting Ingressus Controller to COMM RS485 for Ingress

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 FingerTec 4 Comments


FingerTec’s terminals offer a few communication methods including TCP/IP, RS232/485 or USB client. Communication configuration is very important because a lot of tasks such as enrolment, download/upload transactions and update user information can be performed from the software. If the terminal is connected via TCP/IP or RS232/485, users will be able to synchronize the changes or information from the software.


Besides TCP/IP, RS485 communication is an inexpensive local network with multi-drop communication links. Since RS485 is using a twisted pair cable type, which can support connection distance up to 1200m (4000 feet).


1.    During terminal activation, go to Devices > Add Device

     2.   The Ingressus controller needs to be configured as below:
         Device Type                     : Ingressus
         Device Name                  : (Compulsary to be filled)
         Communication Mode   : RS232/RS485
         Serial Port                       : Depend on the computer serial port. (Please refer to point
                                                   #3 to check the Serial Port number)

         Baudrate                         : 38400

         Please take note that the Baudrate for first time configuration is 38400. Ingressus 
         controller’s default baudrate is 38400. User will fail to communicate or connect to the
         controller if other baudrate is selected.

    3.   You can check the serial port number at your PC’s Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT) >
          Look for the Serial Comm Port and the COM port numbers displayed in brackets. In the

          screenshot below, you can see the serial port used is COM 4.

      4.   After completed the configuration above, click at the Add button and the system will show
            “Device added successfully” message, if the activation is successful.


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