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Ingress is multi-user software with a Client-Server model, which means it can be used by multiple users concurrently. This article will explain to you the steps to connect Ingress Client to Ingress Server smoothly.


By following these steps, users will be able to log in to Ingress from Ingress Client effortlessly.


(A)   Ingress version installed in the Client PC must be the same as the one installed in the Server PC. For example, if you are running Ingress v3.0.4.9 in the server, you need to make sure that the Ingress Client is of the same version.

(B)  Enable Port 3000 and 3306 in Windows Firewall settings at both the Client and Server PC.

1)     Go to the Control Panel and select Windows Firewall.

2)     Select Advance settings from the left panel.
3)     Click on Inbound Rules, followed by the New Rule.
4)     Select Port and click Next. Select TCP, insert 3306 at Specific local ports and click Next again.
5)     Select Allow the connection and click Next, followed by ticking on Domain, Private and Public.
6)     Finally, insert a name for this set of firewall rules as Ingress Server 3306 and click
7)     Repeat step 1-6 for Outbound Rule

8)     Repeat step 1-7 for Port 3000 and name it “Ingress Server 3000”

(C)   MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard
1)     In the Server PC, go to Start Menu, and search for MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard, and launch it.
2)     Un-tick the “Enable Strict Mode” option.
3)     Enter your current “root” password at all 3 fields so that the root password will not change. Then, tick the “Enable root access from remote machines” option.
4)     Execute and wait until all 3 steps are completed.

(D)   Run DBInstaller.exe at Ingress Server PC.

1)     Go to Start Menu and search for Ingress DBInstaller, and launch it

2)     Key-in the “root”password of your database

3)     Click “Test Connection” > “Update Connection” > “Upgrade Database”.
Now that the connection is established between the Client and the Server, connect to your Ingress without any problems! 


  1. after following this instruction my still client says please check your ingress server connection details

    1. Hello Sir,

      Referring to your problem, first of all please make sure you can ping the IP address for server PC from your client PC. If you cannot ping the IP address, please check the network connection between both PC. When you can ping the IP address, you need to open and run the Ingress Server from server PC before you can run it from the Client PC.
      However, if the problem still persist, you can try to close or turn off the Firewall setting on both server PC and client PC, then check back the connection status. Regards.

  2. hello sir,
    please how long does it take to execute the MYSQL instance configuration
    I was unable to complete this task and the error still persist

    1. Hello Sir,

      The configuration for MySQL instance configuration should not take so much time. If you are still facing an error, you have to uninstall MySQL in your PC and delete MySQL folder located in Program Files and Program Data (Hidden folder) first. Once deleted, reinstall MySQL and setup MySQL Instance Configuration as a fresh server. Kindly note that once you have uninstall and delete the folder, your database stored in MySQL will be deleted.

  3. Hello Please how do we recover our forgotten MySQL password

    1. Dear Sir,

      Good day to you.

      In regards to your inquiry, you may refer the solution at the new link below from the vendor website on how to reset the MySQL password. You need to ask your programmer or IT personnel to configure the steps for you as you need an IT expertise to help regarding the configuration.

      In case they still failed to recover it , there is no other way to retrieve or reset the MySQL password. In case the user forgot the MySQL password, they need to uninstall the MySQL server and reinstall with a new one. Hence, they will loss the existing database after you reinstalled the MySQL accept if you have a backup database file where you can restore back the file after reinstalling the program.

  4. hello guys Canu you help me to reset my fingertec TA100C manual ,I was forgotten my admin user and password

    1. Dear Sir/ Madam,

      Good day to you.

      Referring to your problem, the only way to remove the Administrator status from the terminal is by using the TCMSv2 or Ingress software if your terminal is connected with the TCP/IP. Kindly refer at for more information about to clear the admin using the tcmsv2 software.

      If you are using TCMSv3 or Ingress software you can change the user privilege at Ingress > User tab > select User > Details > change Privilege > then Update to the terminal, or refer to the following tips :

      In case you didn't connect it to the software, please contact your reseller, they will help you to reset the administrator privilege at the terminal because only reseller have the authority to reset the administrator privilege at the terminal.

  5. i keep getting can not connect to server how can i fix it?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hello Sir,

      Good day to you.

      Regarding your query, please make sure that both of your Ingress server and Ingress client are using the same version.

      Another thing is, please check on the Ingress server pc, so that it is only connected to 1 network only. If there is more that 1 network connected, please disable and leave only 1 network connected before you run the Ingress dbInstaller.

      If you have further query, please send an email to the

  6. IngressDBInstaller keeps stopping every time i run it

    1. Hello Sir,

      Regarding to the problem, kindly share with us any error picture that appear when you run Ingress DB Installer by email at

      In the time being, you can also try below solution.

      1. Go to Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Services
      2. Restart the Attendance Service, Ingress Service and MySQL (refer sample
      3. Once completed, run Ingress DB Installer and completed all the step which is Test Connection, Update Connection, Audit Data Optimization/Database maintenance and Upgrade Database (refer sample
      4. Then you can try to run back your Ingress software and check the status.

      Best Regards


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