Steps to Remove the OLE Error in TCMS v2.2.027

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 FingerTec 0 Comments

The latest version of TCMS V2 (v2.2.027) will often encounter these errors when downloading the attendance logs from devices or when going online in Terminal Data Audit list:


This error appears after the user download the new update of TCMS v2.2.027 from the “New Release” button, or by accepting the “New Candidate” update when they run the TCMS software. Normally, OLE error appears due to some of the files cannot be updated through the “New Release”, so it needs to be replaced via re-installation process.

The Solution: Here is a quick fix to resolve this issue, you will need to follow these steps below:

1) Backup the database ( System Setting > Backup/Restore Database Files > Backup  > Select path of the backup file > Apply )

2) Close TCMS software

3) Uninstall TCMS software from your PC

4) Rename the TCMSv2 folder to other name

5) Download latest installer of TCMSv2 from this link:

6) Install the downloaded file

7) Run TCMS software and restore your database.


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