Tips on Ingress Software Only for Attendance

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 FingerTec 1 Comments

Ingress software is designed as an access control software first and doors are the main subject in Ingress instead of devices. When there are no doors involved, that’s where things get confusing. But, don’t pull your hair just yet. Ingress also has been loaded with comprehensive time attendance features to cater to clients who want to use this software for time attendance only so this article will explain to you what you should to use Ingress Software solely for attendance.

Take this for an example. You install a TA200 Plus at a corridor of production area where there is no door but Ingress requires you to pair the device to door to complete the setup. How do you proceed?

You still need to create door under Door section, name it the same name as you named the device. If you named the TA200 Plus at the corridor of production area as Attendance Station 1, name the door under Door module as Attendance Station 1 as well. Now, pair the device to the door with the same name. By giving them the same name, you eliminate confusion and make the system easier to operate.

Since you are using the system solely as attendance, lets skip some modules. First, skip Zone which is only applicable to Ingressus controller, then please skip Monitoring and Visual Map. Focus more
on Users, Attendance and Report to fully utilize attendance features in Ingress. 


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