Fire Roll Call Report is Now Available in Ingress Software

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 FingerTec 0 Comments

Ingress Latest Version has been loaded with a new feature, which is the Fire Roll Call Report. The report will show users who are still in the building during an emergency. This report only works if you install an In-Out reader system. The In-Out reader system is a system where you have records of users who enter a zone and users are required to verify their fingerprints when leaving that zone. Ingress Software constantly checks on users who are entering and leaving the zone by gathering transaction logs from these 2 readers. The report will ONLY display the user ID of any person who has not checked out from a zone.

First, you will need to tick the option Emergency Exit under Door Tab and sync it with the FingerTec Terminal.

Then, go to Report Tab > Choose Fire Roll Call Report to view user who has not checked out from a zone.


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