New Firmware With New Improvements

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 FingerTec 3 Comments

After weeks of testing and fine-tuning, our R&D team has drastically improved the Master & Slave terminal verification as a response to our customers’ feedback.

FingerTec R2 (FEM500)

The new R2 (FEM500) firmware will enhance the Master & Slave terminal to provide a faster and more accurate verification. We have also reduced the R2i’s verification failure problem. Upon the firmware update, you sill see significant differences before and after the firmware update.

You can download the R2’s latest firmware here

There are two R2 firmwares, R2 (FEM500) and R2 (FEM565). It is very important that you determine the terminal’s platform before you update the firmware into the respective terminals. If the wrong firmware is updated, the terminal will cease to function properly. Click here for the information on how to determine the terminal platform and update the firmware.

FingerTec Kadex

The new Kadex firmware will enhance the Master & Slave terminal, providing a faster and more accurate verification.

You can download the Kadex’s latest firmware here.

Permanent Door Open/Close Tool:

We have resolved the bug for the Time Zone column that is non-editable. You can download the new Permanent Door Open/Close Tool here

For more information regarding the Permanent Door Open/Close Tool, please refer to the step-by-step installation and usage guide here.
Written by Vincent


  1. hi, i have problem with my R2 fingertec. It's come out with Memory Error when i press in my finger to open the door.

    Any advise will be much appreciated.

    my email :


    1. Hi Sir,

      Please follow the step at this link, to resolve the issue. If still facing the same problem, kindly arrange team viewer session for us to do the checking remotely. You can refer at for more details on team viewer. You can send the team viewer ID and password at our support team at

      FingerTec Worldwide


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