How to Setup Interlocking in Ingressus

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 TimeTec 0 Comments

Introduction For higher-level security, interlocking is the fundamental parts of door access security where two doors are interconnecting, where each of the doors must entirely close before one could access another door. This feature is to prevent someone from tailgating authorized personnel and entering the room without permission. Interlocking is available in Ingressus II and Ingressus IV controller because it involved the installation of at least two doors. Requirements
- Ingress software - Ingressus II or Ingressus IV controller - Slave reader connected to Ingressus controller - Door sensor installed at the door Ingress software must be connected to Ingressus controller while each door must be installed with the door sensor to monitor the door open-close activities. How to activate interlocking? Steps
Select ‘DEVICE’ -> click ‘Zones’ -> select ‘Interlocking’ -> click ‘ADD ZONE’ -> rename interlocking zone

Select interlocking zone “Server room” -> click ‘ADD SETTING TO DEVICE’ -> select check box for the selected device -> click ‘OK’

Select device “Ingressus ii“ -> Click ‘EDIT’ -> Select ‘INTERLOCKING BETWEEN DOOR 1 AND DOOR 2’ -> ‘SAVE’

Synchronize software with controller -> Click on Icon Ingress -> Select ‘NOTIFICATION’

Click check box -> ‘START SYNCHRONIZE’ -> click start synchronize again

How Does It Work?
Access the first door. If you try to open the second door without closing the first door, you can see the ‘Interlock’ sign appears.

You can only access the second door when you close the first door properly.

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