Push Button: Alert Sound When Door Opens

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments


In circumstances where users use wireless push button to unlock the doors to their premises or offices, it’s not very apparent which doors are already opened and which ones are still locked from that simple click. The only way to be certain is to try and open the door.  However, there is a way to make things easy with the use an alert once the door is unlocked.

By having an alert, users will automatically know which door has been opened and they can exit or access accordingly.

There are two types of wiring connections to activate this function

1. Secure Connection
2. Un-Secure Connection.

Secure Connection
For Secure Connection where, the door lock system connects to Adaptec X or Adaptec Plus, follow the wiring diagram below.

How It Works
When the door is locked, it will have a 12VDC output power supplied to the EM-lock at the AdapTec X. When the EM-lock is active, it will turn on the relay but it will not be giving any Output Signal because NO connection is not in used.

When the push button is pressed, the door will unlock because no 12VDC output voltage is supplied to the EM-lock at the Adaptec X. And this will turn off the relay and trigger the signal to turn on the alert sound.

Unsecure Connection
For Unsecure connection where the door lock system uses the connection on device, use the diagram below.

How It Works
When the door lock is active, it will trigger the NC 1 connection to supply power to the EM-lock. Once the Push button is pressed, it will trigger the NO 1 signal to Activate the Siren.


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