Activating the Close and Reverse State in Ingressus

Thursday, January 22, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

Sometimes, the security of an office can be easily compromised if the door is not locked once it is closed. This situation can lead to unauthorized access and break-ins. However, the FingerTec’s Ingressus controller has a feature that can overcome this issue.

This feature that we are about to introduce is called “Close and Reverse State” which is used to lock the door once the door sensor detects that it has been closed. This feature will override the “Lock Open Duration” which has been pre-configured for a door.

How to Activate the Ingressus Close and Reverse State
To use this feature, you will simply need to use a door sensor that is linked up with Ingressus. To configure this feature in Ingress software, simply go to Doors > Select Door Name > Edit > Tick at

“Close and Reverse State”

*Please note that this feature is only available for Ingressus controller.


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