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Because A Mere Second Could Pose Danger to Your Property

Security is an important aspect in every organization nowadays. Improper security measures may cause bigger problems such as robbery, data theft or even endanger the safety of a person. Even with the proper access control products installed, the security of a building may be compromised if the door is not closed properly after a person has entered the premises. Hence, it is an advantage when the access control device triggers the siren when the door is not shut properly.

As we all know, Fingertec’s standalone access-control devices are equipped with the function to trigger the internal or external alarm siren when the door is not closed within the pre-defined time.  However, not many know that the same can be done for Ingressus, via the Ingress software. Simply follow the steps below to activate the external siren for during the exit delay period. 

Alarm System Requirements

The requirement for this setup is a door, which has been installed with Ingressus that is paired with any of Fingertec’s slave devices and a door sensor.

Connect and Power Up The External Siren

First of all, you must connect an external siren to the Auxiliary output port at Ingressus.

Please note that Ingressus does not supply the power to the siren, hence an external power source will be needed to power-up the siren. The siren must be connected to NO and COM port of AUX output at Ingressus. Refer to below image for clarification.

Configuring the Door Sensor Type and Delay Time

Next, you will have to configure the door sensor type and delay time, so that the siren will be triggered when the door is not closed within the defined time. Simply follow these steps below in Ingress software

Doors > Select door name > Click “Edit” > Set “Lock Open Duration” to desired time > Set “Door Sensor Type” to “Normal Close” > Set “Door Sensor Delay” to desired time > Save > Sync to device

Setting Up The Fire Alarm Zone

After setting up the door, you will need to configure the Fire Alarm zone to trigger the Auxillary Output when Ingressus detects that the door has been left open exceeding the “Door Sensor Delay” time. Follow these steps below to configure the Fire Alarm Zone:

Zone (Ingressus) > Fire Alarm > Right Click > Add Zone > Rename to desired name > Right Click > Select device (Ingressus) > Click at device name > Click “Edit” > Tick at “Fire Alarm” > Set “Trigger Condition” to “Opening Timeout” > Set “Input Point Address” > Tick the desired output at “Output Point Address” > Set “Action Type” to “Open” > Set the “Delay” to desired value (The amount of time the siren triggers) > Tick “Stop alarm once door is closed” > Save > Sync to Device


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