TimeTec Cloud – Assigning Usernames

Friday, March 14, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec devices that come with a screen are able to display an employee’s name and ID number on the screen after verification of the employee is successful. This will also allow employees to review the date and time of their attendance at the device. The name that is displayed is a unique username that belongs to an employee and the device’s administrator is allowed to configure the employee's username in User Identity under TimeTec Cloud's User module.

In order for the administrator to assign a username for the employees, they must abide by two simple rules:

Rule 1: The Length of the Username

If the device used is that of a color screen model (AC100C, TA100C, TA200 Plus, Q2i, iKiosk 100 Plus and Face ID series), the username inputted can only be for up to a maximum of 20 characters. Rather than using their full name, employees are highly encouraged to use a short form of their name as their username.

Rule 2: No Special Characters

As FingerTec devices can only display alphanumerical characters, do not use any special characters or symbols in an employee’s username. Failure to do so will result in TimeTec Cloud halting the transferring of employees between the devices and the software.


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