FingerTec 3G Module

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The FingerTec 3G module is ready to be used in models with FEM 800, which are TA200Plus (normal 12V model), Q2i and Face ID 2. Refer to the below table for technical specifications of the 3G module.

Technical Specifications
Frequency - 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Frequency – 850/1900/2100 MHz
3G – CDMA 2000
Frequency - 1900/2100 MHz
Full duplex
Automatic Startup
Antenna Impedance
50 Ohms
SIM Card
3 Volts (varies with SIM card)
Only reads the SIM card PIN, but cannot amend
Receiver Parameters
GSM850 Reference Sensitivity
-104 dBm Static and TUHigh
E-GSM900 Reference Sensitivity 
-104 dBm Static and TUHigh
DCS1800 Reference Sensitivity
-102 dBm Static and TUHigh
PCS1900 Reference Sensitivity
-102 dBm Static and TUHigh
Selectivity @ 200 kHz
> +9 dBc
Selectivity @ 400 kHz
> +41 dBc
Linear Dynamic Range
63 dB
Co-channel Rejection
>= 9 dBc

Test Results
In our test, the 3G module works almost 40% faster than its predecessor (GPRS module) and, more importantly, is more stable.

Read more for instructions on how to install the 3G modules.

Installation of 3G Modules

Front view of 3G module

Back view of 3G module

For Q2i and TA200Plus:

Look closer to identify the location of the screw and the socket to plug in. This cable is only applicable in TA200Plus or Q2i.

For Face ID2:

Insert the module and antenna at the back cover of Face ID 2. Secure the antenna and module at their position.

Seek for the connectors at the MCU of Face ID 2. Plug in the cable from the 3G module as showed below. This cable is only applicable in Face ID 2.

Customized Firmware:
The devices require updating a customized firmware before they can start using the 3G module to link up to the Internet. For future orders, we will update the firmware before your shipment. However, you can also contact us at to collect the firmware if you would like to upgrade the device by yourself. 


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