Effect of Short Minutes in Attendance Sheet and Attendance Summary Reports

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 TimeTec 0 Comments

TCMS V2 is a powerful time and attendance management application that, among its other functions, can automate payroll processes to improve overall efficiency and save organizational costs. Data presented in reports can be customized according to almost any working environment for user convenience. One example is the display of short minutes as shown below.

If you uncheck Short Minutes, the system will not display data for short minutes and late-ins at the Attendance Sheet as shown below.

On top of that, unchecking Short Minutes will also result in the system not displaying any data for late-ins and early-outs in the Attendance Report. 

Thus, if you require short time, late-ins and early-outs to be displayed in their respective places, simply check on Short Minutes as per the picture below.

Voila! The changes will automatically be reflected in the Attendance Summary


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