Updating Ingress Software Version via Online and Offline Method

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 TimeTec 2 Comments

FingerTec's Ingress is an integrated access control management application that runs on the familiar MS Windows operating environment. To fully utilize the software, it is recommended that you update Ingress accordingly. There are two ways to update the software, either online or offline. Read more for our step-by-step pictorial guide to updating Ingress!

For Online Update

1. Click on the Ingress icon.

2. Select Software Update

3. Go through the details of the software update to find out what's included.

4. Click on Update.

5. When asked to close the application, close Ingress and click on OK.

6. Proceed with downloading the update and click on Close when you are done.

7. Go to Ingress DBInstaller to upgrade the database.

8. Go to Test Connection > Update Connection > Upgrade Database. Click OK when you are done.

For Offline Update

1. Click on the Ingress icon.

2. Click About Us to check the current version for your copy of Ingress.

3. Reconfirm the current version for your copy of Ingress.

4. Download the latest Ingress update here.

5. Backup your Ingress database using SQL Yog.

6. Uninstall the Ingress software in Control Panel.

7. Reinstall the Ingress software using the new installer you downloaded in Step 4.


  1. Why I check to update of my Ingress and it will not detect any newest version but the newest version already is


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