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Wednesday, November 21, 2012 TimeTec 2 Comments

FingerTec has recently launched the latest exit slave reader, the R2c. It is designed to cater for a longer connection length installation between the R2c and its master terminal. R2c works with the algorithm BioBridge VX10.0 and is also equipped with the new Infrared Optical Sensor Module for better performance. The infrared emitter and receptor is specifically added into the new Infrared Optical Sensor Module. (See photo below)

The emitter constantly transmits an infrared light with a wavelength of 800mm to 920mm. When the finger approaches the scanner, it will interfere with the infrared light’s transmission. The receptor senses the interference and calculates the density of the reflected infrared light, and starts to capture the fingerprint image when the density value reaches a certain value; which is approximately when the finger reaches the scanner. The scanner will return to its idle mode after the verification is successful.

There are several advantages when you use the Infrared Optical Sensor Module:
  1. It eradicates unnecessary phantom scanning. The smart sensor will only activate when a finger is detected on the sensor.
  2. It reduces the energy costs – Activation upon demand minimizes power consumption and therefore reduces the energy costs.
  3. It is environmentally friendly – The reduction of power required by the R2c cuts down the carbon footprint exerted by the terminal.
However, there is a precaution that must be taken into consideration while installing the Infrared Optical Sensor Module. The terminals with the Infrared Optical Sensor Module cannot be installed under direct sunlight. Sunlight contains infrared rays, which will interfere with the infrared light transmission, causing complications for fingerprint detection.

Initiated and Written by: Pang


  1. Another Great Solution & Technology Upgradation from Fingertec !

  2. this is technology...i love your products...excellent support team.


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