Fingerprint Templates Storage for Algorithm BioBridge VX9.0 and VX10.0

Friday, August 10, 2012 TimeTec 9 Comments

As you may already know, all our multimedia (Color Screen) models terminals are equipped with the FEM600 and above core board. The FEM600 and above core board can support both algorithm versions, BioBridge VX9.0 and VX10.0 when it comes to fingerprint templates. The algorithm BioBridge VX10.0 speeds up the fingerprint verification process of the terminal and it maximizes the fingerprint templates capacity to 10,000. 

However the fingerprint templates from algorithm BioBridge VX 10.0 cannot be mixed and matched with fingerprint templates from algorithm BioBridge VX9.0. Templates derived from BioBridge VX9.0 would prompt an error during verification if they were to be uploaded into a terminal with BioBridge VX 10.0, or vice versa.

When installing terminals that are having both versions of the algorithm, BioBridge VX 9.0 and BioBridge VX10.0 in the same environment, please downgrade the algorithm version of your all your terminals to VX 9.0. This is important to ensure that all terminals support the same format of fingerprint templates to avoid verification errors.

As mentioned above, the algorithm BioBridge VX 10.0 can support up to 10,000 fingerprint templates. Please be advised that once you switched the algorithm to BioBridge VX 9.0, the fingerprint template storage will be reduced to 3,000 only. However the transaction storage will not be affected and it will still be 200,000.

Please click here for more information about algorithm versions BioBridge VX9.0 and VX10.0 and how to inter switch the algorithms within the terminal.

Initiated by Pang
Written by Vincent


  1. Dear FingerTec Team, I want to display fingerprint image on a vb6 form using biobridge sdk. please advice me how it is possible.

  2. Hi Zulfiqar,

    Good day to you.

    Referring to your query, please be informed that the fingerprint template is encrypted and cannot be saved in image format.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

    Tan Yong Hong
    Support Engineer
    TimeTec Computing Sdn Bhd
    Skype: Yong Hong Tan

  3. Dear Fingertec Team,
    I'm now using windows 10 as my system operation.
    Now everytime I download user data to TCMS from terminal there is no fingerprint detected in employee management interface, and when I upload the user data from TCMS to other terminal,the user can not do finger authentication.
    Before I use windows 10,everything is fine I can download all user data like fingerprint and name and so on.
    I use TCMS 2.2.027.
    Please Advice.

    1. Hi Fransmandidi,

      Good day.

      When you download the user data to software, is there any error pop out in your screen?
      This is because I am using win10 also, but there is no problem at all.
      You can use this installer, and see whether the same thing happen or not.
      But make sure you backup your database, uninstall current software, change the TCMSv2 folder to TCMSv2 old. Then install using the latest installer:

      Best regards,
      Tengku Sulaiman

  4. Dear Fingertec Team
    If I use 40 faceid2 device and connect all to the same network and i use face recognition, can i make the submit on any device on the network or should be at specific one.
    thank you

    1. Hello Sir,

      If you have all 40 Face ID2 devices, you can connect and activate all the device into 1 software.

      Then for the face enrollment, you can enroll in 1 device and download it into software.
      And from the software, upload the face into others 39 devices or selected device only.

  5. Can you provide me with AC100C circuit
    Fingerprint Time & Attendance

  6. hi
    i have HR Solution system and i want to ingerate Face ID 4 in it
    how can i found the SDK
    please help

    1. Hello Mr Kamal,

      Regarding to your query, kindly refer to the link provided below to download the Biobridge SDK and documentation related to the SDK.

      Also, please refer here for more information on our Biobridge SDK:

      User Manual:

      Best Regards


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