Wi-Fi & LAN Connection Conflict

Thursday, December 01, 2011 TimeTec 7 Comments

Wi-Fi, short for “wireless fidelity”, is a mechanism for wirelessly connecting electronic devices. It is also one of the most popular wireless communication standards on the market today.

FingerTec took this opportunity to utilize and implement the Wi-Fi technology to its multimedia models. With this connection type facilitating the terminal, syncing of data can now be done without any wiring hassle. 

To connect a FingerTec terminal to a WiFi LAN (WLAN), you can choose to use:

  1. WEP
  2. WEP Share
  3. WPA - AES
You can also use the FT Tool to configure the terminal’s Wi-Fi settings.

For terminals with the Wi-Fi function, users may choose to connect to the computer with either Wi-Fi or LAN connection. Please take note that the Wi-Fi IP address must not be the same as the local area networks IP address. This will cause a conflict and the connection will not be established. Please refer to the diagram below for a better understanding.

Example of a successful setting:
Example of an unsuccessful setting:

If you are still facing problems with this process, kindly contact support@fingertec.com for further assistance.

Initiated by: Jazz Lee
Written by:Vincent Chan


  1. One point to note is that according to FingerTec support, the LAN IP must not be on the same subnet/range as the wifi IP either, not only on the same IP.
    So if your LAN IP is something like, the wifi won't work on
    This is very strange and they are actually supposed to work.
    The only way to make the wifi work is to manually remove the LAN from the range to something like (note the 0) and then the wifi will work just fine.
    FingerTec, please fix this!!!

  2. The wifi gives too many issues, better off sticking with with a LAN connection

    1. Hello Sir,

      With regards to your query, can I know what is the issue with your device?
      Please provide with more details so that we can assist you accordingly.

      Best regards,
      Tengku Sulaiman

  3. The wifi not working under hot sun, it will hang there and fail to reconnect.

    1. Dear Sir,

      May I know which device that you're using actually? The serial number can be found in the device's menu (Menu > Sys Info > Device > Serial Number, or you can check it at the back-side of the device (7-digit serial number). Do you installed the device directly under sunlight?

  4. Remote today has become a standard interface in each PC and much of the time it associates consequently to the closest Access Point it finds. Most associations give unstable Wireless availability to open systems like the web for their visitors through nearby Wireless Access Points that works in remain solitary mode and detached totally from association LAN.


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