FingerTec Firmware Update

Thursday, October 06, 2011 TimeTec 2 Comments

New firmware to apply to Kadex, m-Kadex, R2, AC900, Q2i, TA200 Plus, i-Kiosk 100 & i-Kiosk 100 Plus to work with AdapTec Plus
Update the new firmware of the above models to support the “encrypted 26-bit Wiegand output”. The encrypted 26-bit Wiegand output is specially developed to work with FingerTec’s AdapTec Plus. After each verification, the output for the models above encrypts codes via the 26-bit Weigand signal to the AdapTec Plus to send a door open signal for the users.
Without this new firmware, you will not be able to use the above models with the AdapTec Plus for access control purposes.

New features for TA100C and AC100C Webster connection
Update the new firmware of the TA100C and AC100C, to allow the terminals to work with Webster. This is a fundamental firmware update to add the Webster connection to the mentioned models. However you will still have to contact to request a second firmware update to activate Webster settings in your terminal.

New features for m-Kadex
Update the new firmware of the m-Kadex to get these 3 new features:
-          To delete attendance logs in m-Kadex
-          To download/upload data into USB flash disk

Before this, an administrator can only choose to reset and clear all information in the m-Kadex. Installing the firmware in the m-Kadex, will allow you to clear attendance logs only. Now, administrators can easily clear the attendance logs in the m-Kadex to avoid a memory overflow.
To delete attendance logs in the m-Kadex: wave administrator card 7 times at m-Kadex

Previously, administrators can only use the USB flash disk to download attendance logs and not users. After installing the new firmware, administrator will be able to download attendance logs as well as user data into USB flash disk.
To download attendance logs and user data into a USB flash disk: Plug USB flash disk into m-Kadex à wave administrator card 9 times at m-Kadex

The previous firmware in the m-Kadex does not allow an administrator to upload user data into the m-Kadex via USB flash disk. An administrator can only upload user data to the m-Kadex via the TCMS V2. The new firmware fixes this flaw, and allows administrators to upload user data into m-Kadex via a USB flash disk.
To upload user data to m-Kadex via USB flash disk: download user data into USB flash disk à Plug USB flash disk to m-Kadex à wave administrator card 11 times

Download or view the latest m-Kadex hardware user manual guide here.


  1. how set the report employer card attandance in 1 page from 22/6 to 21/7? urgent

    1. Hi Tiong Kung Siong,

      Good day to you.

      Do you are referring to the Attendance sheet report in the TCMSv2 Software.

      If correct, You can preview "Employee Time Card report" to view attendance data from 22/6/16 to 21/7/16, because "Attendance sheet report" can preview for current month only.

      But if preview "Employee Time Card report" it's show in 2 pages, Kindly provide us your current TCMSv2 Software version, because I already tested using TCMSv2.2.027 6-5-2016 found it's generate report in 1 page.

      To check your current TCMSv2 Software version, Kindly click "System setting" , then click "What's new in this release".

      Appreciate your feedback.


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