How To Generate QR Code In Ingress Software

Friday, April 27, 2018 FingerTec 0 Comments

Introduction -
QR110 is the latest product from FingerTec that comes with a new verification method: Scanning QR Code. This tip will show you the steps to generate the QR code in Ingress Software for access.

Process -
1. In Ingress Software, go to the Users Tab > Select Card > Select Add > and proceed to insert the Card No.

2. After completing the first step, please head to the Details sections and check the QR Code that was generated by the Ingress Software. Please double click at the QR Code logo (6) under the Card No. Section.

3. After double clicking it, the system will display a pop-up as shown below:

4. Once the QR Code has been generated, you can then save it to the PC by clicking the Save button and proceed to select folder or file destination in which you wish to save the QR Code.

5. Otherwise, you can also send it to the User’s Email by clicking on the Send Via Email button. Note: please don’t forget to insert the User’s Email Address first before proceeding.

6. Last but not least, you can even print out the QR code by clicking on the Print Button.

The output result will be as shown in the image below:

That’s it, you all done. Once received the generated QR Code, you can start to verify your employees’ identification via the latest FingerTec QR110.


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