New features of TimeTec Cloud (December 2014)

Monday, December 29, 2014 FingerTec 3 Comments

We’ve added 4 new features into TimeTec Cloud.

1.       Improved the loading speed of Attendance page for faster viewing.

2.       Employees with Operator privileges can create new login with Operator privilege limited to specific branches, departments or sections.

3.       New UI to alert administrators to take action with the Request of Change.

 4.    System will notify administrators if the newly created user ID has been deleted before.   TimeTec Cloud does not allow duplicated user IDs even if it has been deleted from system.



We fixed 4 minor issues in this new release:
1.      “Last Sign In” date display in Hijiri format while Hijiri calendar is in use
2.       Date selection under Attendance module display in Hijiri format while Hijiri calendar is in use
3.       Do not allow creation of Remark or Work Code with number zero (0)
4.       Realign text display in Change Request Approval for different browsers in use.



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