New TCMS V2 Error

Thursday, August 02, 2012 FingerTec 0 Comments

Recently our Technical Support team stumbled into a very unusual error with the TCMSV2 software. This error presents itself when you tick on a checkbox, such as in the Generate New Attendance window, and the software will automatically select all the other checkboxes instead.

The cause of this unusual behavior to the TCMSV2 software is the anti-virus software installed in the computer. The anti-virus software works by regularly scanning programs and files on the computer. If a potential threat is found, the program or file will be blocked from operation until you delete it or allow it to run. The TCMSV2 software in this case, although being a safe program, has appeared to the anti-virus software as a potential threat. Since the anti-virus software does not know that the TCMSV2 is safe, you will need to manually add it to the Exception List of your installed anti-virus programme. This will stop the anti-virus software from blocking and scanning the TCMSV2 software and mess with its operation.

Written by Vincent


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