BLE-2 Data Integration With Ingress Software

Monday, November 19, 2018 FingerTec 3 Comments

By default, BLE-2 data can be viewed and managed via i-TimeTec App. Now, you can also view the data in Ingress Software by connecting your i-TimeTec account to Ingress. To initiate the integration, first you’ll need to make sure that you have the latest version of i-TimeTec App: v.1.9.8 (82) and Ingress Software: v3.1.7.6 or above. Click here to download the latest version of Ingress Software.

Follow the steps below for the integration:
A. Setup in i-TimeTec App
To start the integration, the owner/admin must first configure the Data Integration under Smart Access module.

At Smart Access > Data Integration:

1. Tap Edit button (top right corner) and select the device that you want to sync with FingerTec Ingress.
2. Next, select the users that you want to sync into FingerTec Ingress and assign a User ID to the selected users. Please make sure that the User ID entered, is the same as the User ID used in Ingress Software.
3. Tap Save to save the changes.
4. Tap the SHARE icon to send the login username and integration password to FingerTec Ingress Admin (by email or message). This information is required to connect Ingress Software with your i-TimeTec account later.

B. At Ingress Software:
1. Select Migration Wizard > Import > i-TimeTec.

2. Insert the login username and integration password to verify the integration.

3. Once connected, select the Device, Users and Records for download into Ingress Software. 

4. Click Download Log to download the information into Ingress Software
5. View the BLE-2 devices at Devices or Doors and likewise, all downloaded access records can be viewed at Attendance > Data Audit List. 


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  3. If it's found before the release, that's great. If it's found after the release, 7-zip it means that time will need to be spent finding a fix and performing more testing on it - all while the end users are using the software.


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