Customization of Duty Rosters and Application of Leave Remark to Individual Employees in Ingress software

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In an organization, some employees who are working in the same working schedule for example from 9-6pm might have some deviation in their work schedule due to the work nature. Take for example, all of the office workers have to work from 9-6 in the office except for those in sales who have to go out on a certain day to pitch sales at a client’s place, or dispatch or admin staff members that need some flexibility to go to the banks etc. In TimeTec, employees can be grouped into one Group Duty Roster and this User Duty Planner can cater to the deviation of schedule for individual staff, without disturbing the rest of the Group Duty Roster’s settings. Not only can the Administrators customize individual users’ schedules, they can also apply a leave remark to indicate the type of leave taken by those individuals on which date.


This option provides flexibility for Administrators to mend on the general Group Duty Roster rather than create a new Group Duty Roster for the select few because in general, all these individuals are working under the same Group Duty Roster but with slight deviations only.

Before applying Leave remark to employees who have applied/are entitled for Leave, Administrators are required to set the Leave Types available by including the name of the Leave and the description. To Apply Leave for Individual Employees, follow the steps below.

1.     Set Leave Type
            Ingress Software > Attendance > Leave Type > Click Add > Key in leave type > Save

  2.           Once the Leave Types have been determined, Administrators can proceed with applying the
             Leave remark to the employee’s working schedule.

            Apply Leave Remark

Ingress Software > Attendance > User duty Planner > Select user (double click) > Click Edit > Right click on the date > Select Leave type > Select effective date > Click OK to confirm > All leave day will show in yellow color.

3.    The Attendance sheet will show the Leave Type applied to the employee as per the screenshot below:


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