New Firmware Update for R2’s FEM 565 - Opens Door from Software, Improves Data Transfer

Friday, April 11, 2014 FingerTec 2 Comments

Everytime an R2 verified an employee, it will output an encrypted 26-bit Wiegand code to AdapTec Plus. A successful verification code received by AdapTec Plus will cause it to unlock the door and a failed verification code will keep the doot shut.

However R2 cannot output any code to the AdapTec Plus if the administrator presses the virtual Door Open button from TCMS or Ingress software. Therefore, an administrator cannot unlock any door remotely from the software.

This firmware has been improved to allow another output code to be sent to AdapTec Plus to unlock door. Now an administrator can press the virtual Door Open button from FingerTec software to unlock door(s) remotely.

The new firmware also improves the rate of data transfer between R2 and TimeTec Web and Cloud. 

Download the firmware here 


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