A Walkthrough for TimeTec TA’s new module, Organization Structure Wizard

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In the recent release of TimeTec TA, a major makeover has been done in the company’s organization configuration. The Branches, Departments, and Sections feature has now been replaced with a new feature called “Organization Structure”.


The Organization Structure was developed to provide feasibility and flexibility for TimeTec TA users to define their company structure freely. By completing this Wizard, users will be able to switch from the older module that uses Branches, Departments, and Sections into a newer, more flexible module, which is the Organization Structure.


If you have not defined the Organization Structure, every time you login to TimeTec TA, the Organization Structure Wizard pop-up menu will be displayed on-screen, as a reminder. This wizard will guide you to migrate to organization structure.
If you choose to skip, the system will proceed back to the home page, and you can continue to use the existing Branches, Departments and Sections structure. However, please note that the Organization Structure will fully replace the existing structure by the end of 2016, thus the Organization Structure must be configured latest by the end of this year.
After clicking the “Start the Wizard” button, the wizard will go to “Step 1: Create Organization Structure” page. In this page, you need to create and specify each division that is available in your company, accordingly. You need to assign users into their corresponding departments accordingly.
Once done creating and configuring the Organization structure, the wizard will proceed to Step 2: Manage System Role. Here, you need to create roles with full, or restricted access to the organization structure or modules. Click on the “Add” button, and you can start to configure the role, and its restrictions.


After adding the System Role, the wizard will proceed to the next page, Manage Admin. You need to assign the newly created roles to its corresponding administrators here.

The next step is to define the company’s holidays, in Manage Holiday page. You can opt to assign the holidays to the whole company, or to certain divisions, as there are users from the same company that are located in different regions, with different holidays.
The last step of the wizard is for you to generate the attendance sheet for all users, so that the changes made in the earlier steps take effect.

Organization Structure Rollback
You are allowed to revert the organization structure back to Branches, Departments and Sections structure once before the end of 2016. However, it is highly recommended for you to use the new Organization Structure, as by 2017, as the Branches, Departments and Sections structure will be fully replaced by the Organization Structure.  To perform the Rollback, you can go to Support > Wizard > Organization Structure.


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