Assigning Schedules and Users Into Rosters is Made Easy in TimeTec TA

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Note: This post was originally published in October 2015 and has been updated in January 2018.


TimeTec TA is FingerTec’s cloud-based time attendance software that cater to clients who want time attendance data to be accessible at all times for various purposes.  One feature named “Assign Schedules and Users into Rosters” is created to assist Administrator in creating Group duty roster, and to assign schedules and users onto it.

Basically, the Group duty roster is also known as the annual working calendar. Users are assigned into the same Group duty roster if they are following the same clocking schedules and working rules. 

Managing scheduling and rosters is not simple and this feature is added to provide the Administrator with a simplified tool to add, view, and edit Group duty roster according to years, and to easily assign users to these rosters.

1)   Login to TimeTec as Administrator.
2)   To Add a new roster, Go to Schedules > Assign Schedules and Users into Rosters > Add  > Insert roster ID (compulsory) > Select Roster type (Weekly/Shift) > Auto > Select Effective date > Apply.

The colour for each date indicates a different Day Type:
i) Workday - White
ii) Restday - Pink
iii) Offday - Grey
iv) Holiday - Blue

Click on any date in the calendar to add in Holidays or alternatively you can import Holiday at Schedule > Holiday.

3) If you need more explanations on how to configure this Group Duty Roster, click on the “Guide Me” button at the bottom right. There will be more information provided on each setting including how to configure:
i) Open Schedule
ii) Overtime Only After
iii) Multiple Shift

4) On top of that, we have also prepared some examples of clocking schedule and rostering that can be applied in various work scenarios. Please refer to the links below to view a sample of rosters:

5) Once done, the newly added roster will appear in the list. Click the “+” button under Assign Users into Roster column, and select the user that you want to add into this roster. Next, click “Submit” to save the changes. You can also filter the users by Branches, Departments or Sections for easier viewing.

6)   Next, the system will ask you to re-generate the Attendance so that the new roster will be reflected in the attendance sheet, and reports. 

7)   Now the users have been assigned to their respective rosters without having to go to the Manage User page to assign their rosters individually.

8) If you wish to edit a Group duty roster after you have already assigned schedules into the roster, you can do so by clicking on the relevant year displayed under the ‘Assign Schedules into Roster’ column.

 9) Please note that you could skip the steps above if you choose to ‘Auto create roster’ while creating your clocking schedule. If that option is ticked, the system will automatically create a roster for the schedule.

10) Lastly, if you need to customise duty roster for individual users, it can be done at Schedule > Customise User Duty Roster. For example, if there is an employee that share the common Group duty roster but has a temporary change of work schedule, you do not need to create an additional roster to accommodate this.  You can simply change the working calendar solely for this user at Customise User Duty Roster page.

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