Ingress Tip: DO NOT TAMPER with the User Expiry Date in Ingress Database

Tuesday, April 07, 2015 FingerTec 0 Comments

Important Note: This tip is crucial as tampering with the Ingress software system by deleting the expiry date from the database can cause the system to not work properly. The tip below will explain to you in detail the crucial role of the expiry date in generating the attendance of your employees. 

In FingerTec Ingress Software, one can add users into the software via one of the 5 ways:

1.       By Adding User Manually

2.       Creating User by Batch

3.       Downloading Users from the terminal

4.       Importing Users from a text or Excel file

5.       Importing Users from USB Payroll System.

Regardless of the way you choose to add user into the software, the system will define an expiry date for each user created. However, the predefined value will not be shown in the software as it is automatically generated at the back-end process whenever a new user is added into the software.


Ingress software is designed in a way that it requires an ISSUE AND EXPIRY DATE for each employee in order to recognize this employee as an active employee before attendance can be generated.

The expiry date can be edited to suit your company preference if there’s need for that. Do take note that if the expiry date is removed using any SQL manager tools from the database, the attendance of the employees will NOT be generated as the employee’s status will be changed into an inactive user.


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