Ingress Allows Retrieval of Specific Records from Selected FingerTec Devices for Specific Purpose

Friday, April 24, 2015 FingerTec 0 Comments

In Ingress, all date captured by all devices can be used for door access as well as attendance calculations and reports in Ingress. For example, in a factory environment that installs R2, which is a control access product and a TA200Plus a device specific for time and attendance, activities in these two devices will be many in a day. So, how do you sort out the data to be used solely for attendance and those who are dedicated for access control?

In the next Ingress software update V3.0.1.35 (beta version of V3.0.2), we have added a new feature that will enable you to retrieve attendance logs from a specific device for a specific clocking slot.
By default, records from both devices will contribute to attendance and access calculations and reports. However, to dedicate a certain device specifically for attendance calculations only, management can set Ingress to capture records from TA200 Plus for example, solely for this purpose, while records from R2 will only be used for movement analysis, targeted for pure access control activities. When this is accomplished, the company must communicate to all staff the difference of the devices and their functions for them to comply. For example, the TA200 Plus installed at the front gate shall be used for attendance activities only, and the same goes to the TA100C installed at the side gate. The R2 at room A, B, C are meant for door access activities and R3 at level 2 and 3 will also be counted as door access.  

Follow the steps outlined below on how to retrieve the specific attendance records from a specific device in Ingress:

Go to Attendance > Clocking Schedule > Select a Schedule > Click Clocking Range.

On the Attendance tab under the Clocking Range, you can see the “Enable Attendance record on selected device only” option at the bottom of every time slot. Select the specific terminal that you want to capture records to treat as attendance for the particular time slot.

Contact our support team through email at to request for a Beta version if you are interested to give this feature a try.


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