Software Test Run on Windows 10 Platform Completed

Thursday, October 30, 2014 FingerTec 12 Comments

Microsoft has unveiled its new operating system, Windows 10, which is an update from its predecessors Windows 8 about a month ago.

FingerTec is pleased to announce that we have completed running tests with our software (TCMS V2 and Ingress) on Windows 10 platform.

You can continue using both FingerTec software on the new OS as soon as it is made available.


  1. Why the photo showing Window 9 in background? =)

  2. Maybe they choose the wrong picture.

  3. TCMS doesn't work on some machines , 'Invalid path or file name' message appears ,no way to solve

    1. Hi Eurl Tersi,

      Good day to you.

      Referring to your issue, kindly turn OFF the antivirus on your PC, then reinstall back the TCMS v2 Software in your PC.

      If still facing same issue, kindly send us the error screenshot and device serial number to

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