Ingressus: Connect to Master Reader

Thursday, September 26, 2013 FingerTec 2 Comments

Ingressus is a door access controller unit that allows users to control and monitor up to 2 doors simultaneously. With the Ingress software and Ingressus controller, simple slave terminals are enough to be used for verification purposes when opening doors. However, users who have existing master terminals can also choose to connect them to the Ingressus controller by configuring some simple settings. Read more to learn how to connect a master reader to the Ingressus controller. 

To connect a master terminal to the Ingressus controller, the most important detail is the Card ID number. Users need to enroll the employee ID together with the card number at the master terminal and also upload the Card ID number from the Ingress software to the Ingressus controller. After enrolling the employee, the user needs to configure some settings at the master terminal using the FT Terminal Function Update Tool (click link to download).

Under the Access Control tab, please select CardID under Wiegand Output and OFF under AdapTec Plus as shown below. 

As for the wiring, users need to connect the Wiegand output pins from the master terminal to the Ingressus controller as shown below. 

Voila! Now the master terminal is properly connected to the Ingressus controller, and employees can use it for verification to open doors. 


  1. This is great idea of connecting the master reader to the ingressus. please clarify will i be using two software to manage the master and the ingressus on just one software if one how?

    1. you just need to use one software (Ingress Software) to manage master reader and ingressus.

      Please refer this video for more inforamtion on Ingress Software;


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